SharePoint Environment Assessment

Before taking any SharePoint project your must ask the following question with the customer to get clear information about the requirement and architecture;

  • What is the primary business objective of the SharePoint environment? (What needs of your business are met by the existing system – Communication, Collaboration, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Content Management, Document Management, Dashboards, Complete Intranet Solution, Extranet for suppliers, customers etc?)
  • Total users for each SharePoint Site on Production (Top level)
  • Number of Top level sites
  • What is the size of Content DB?
  • What is the peak site usage in last one month?
  • Please share the Backup and Recovery Process?
  • Please provide details or preferably Physical and Logical Architecture Diagrams for Production, Staging and Development Environment
  • Please enlist all Integration points (Interfaces) with LOB and other applications/ Software (Ex: imaging solution)
  • Please give a brief about all Web Applications and Shared Service Provider (SSPs) in scope.
  • Please provide the list of all 3rd party software (BPM, Search, Analytics, and BI – integrated to SharePoint) installed?
  • Is any sort of load balancing done for the intranet?
  • Is there any mirroring or clustering done on SharePoint DBs?
  • Please enlist the main kind of content (Text content, Documents, Images, flash, Audios, Videos, other formats)
  • Is there any other Content Management or Document management tool in place along with SharePoint?
  • Are there any secured sites? (Using SSL, encryption)
  • What is the current Authentication mechanism? (Windows Authentication, Forms based Authentication or Kerberos, AD, LDAP )
  • Who is supporting the existing environment? Please provide existing SLA and priorities for incident management.
  • Please give a brief about team structure for Support (OS, Hardware, SQL server, Security, Exchange server, SharePoint)
  • Do you have a distributed development team across multiple locations/geographies? Please provide details.
  • Do you have a distributed team of site owners?
  • Approximate number of departments
  • Approximate number of workflows
  • Approximate number of Static forms and pages
  • Approximate number of dynamic forms and pages
  • Do you need any new theme or branding for your new SharePoint site?
  • Permission Level Expectations
  • Approximate number of Reports
  • Approximate number of Dash Boards and KPI’s
  • Do you need Bilingual option in your Portal

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