SharePoint 2010 – Calendar Overlays

Now you can roll-up calendars from different websites because SharePoint 2010 offers calendar overlays.  Calendar overlays allow you to create independent calendars in any SharePoint site and then create an overlay that “rolls-up” the data onto one master calendar.

There is little configuration to set up a single or multiple calendar overlay.  Below are the basic steps you would follow:

1)    Within your team site create a standard calendar

2)    From the ribbon click on the “Calendar” tab

3)    Click on the “Calendar Overlay” icon

4)    From the Calendar Overlay Settings screen click the link called “New Calendar”

5)    Enter a name for the calendar and the URL where the calendar is located

6)    Click the resolve button to connect to the site

7)    From the List drop down, select the desired calendar

8)    From the List View drop down, select the desired view

9)    Place a checkmark in the “Always Show” box if you want this calendar to always be visible

10) Click OK to add this new calendar as an overlay on your master calendar.

A few other options available with Calendar Overlays are:

  • Color coding the events on other calendars
  • Pulling calendars from Exchange (such as Outlook team calendars)
  • Calendar overlays render when added as web parts to a page

The final product:

Hope this will help you 🙂

4 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 – Calendar Overlays

  1. Hi,

    Do you have any idea how can we increase the Maximum number of calendars per view in Calendar overlay view?

    Thanks and Regards,


      1. Well, probably too old a post but, I’d like to address the same issue. Sharepoint says “Maximum number of calendars per view is 10.” This is when adding Calendar Overlays. Is there a way to increase this number? It seems silly to max it out at 10. I’d like more than that.

        Do you know of any way to increas the Maximum number of calendars?


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