How to configure Incoming Email Enabled Libraries in SharePoint using Exchange Server in an Active Directory Domain

Prior to the release of Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft announced that the future of public folders was in question, and that SharePoint libraries would take their place. Microsoft quickly changed its stance and continues to support Exchange public folders, but there still might be a number of compelling reasons why you would want to consider storing incoming messages in SharePoint document libraries — instead of public folders.

SharePoint can enable incoming mail on lists and libraries. It also offers several out-of-the-box features like Alerts, Enterprise Search and Information Management policies, all of which provide for a richer collaborative experience.

One instance where these features are valuable actually has to do with technical newsletters. Many SharePoint users subscribe to various email-based technical newsletters and forward those messages to team members. Email-enabled document libraries provide a central location to store these newsletters, removing the administrative burden of manually sharing the information with other team members.

This feature also allows users to subscribe to the document library via SharePoint Alerts. These alerts can be set to immediate, daily or weekly summary notifications.

Newsletter subscriptions that are automatically delivered to an email-enabled document library form part of SharePoint’s full-text index. Employees can search this index at a later date using SharePoint’s

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How to configure Incoming Email Enabled Libraries in MOSS 2007 RTM using Exchange Server in an Active Directory Domain

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