Update InfoPath field in a Repeating Table using Nintex


A request from a customer: how to update a column/s in a InfoPath repeating table when a master list gets an update.


They wanted to add several rows to a repeating table with three columns and after submitting the form the OPPNumber, Amount, Status etc. to be added to the info-path form.

The structure of the form is as follows:

The workflow has the following actions:

Add a Query XML and add the XPath path, store the results in a collection variable

Add an for each action that process the collection and a text variable.

An Update XML

XML source is current item

Create the following Xpath query

Select Update node value

Add the variable you want to set

Just a last few point:

  • This workflow doens’t do anything more than retrieving and updating, other options you have to add yourself
  • For more XPath see http://www.w3schools.com/xpath/default.asp
  • To get the Query I used Altova XMLSpy

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