Usability Problems with SharePoint Enterprise Wikis

Issue Description
High level of network traffic Enterprise wiki can generate a high level of network traffic; you might find it necessary to configure a single site collection and a single, dedicated Microsoft SQL Server database. If the Microsoft SQL Server database is shared, users might experience slower performance
Setting number of unique permissions Whenever permission inheritance is broken for an item, such as a folder, it is counted as a unique permission.Each time permissions inheritance is broken, a new scope ID is created. Each time that you query on a view, you join against the scopes table. Then, when a query is performed, each unique access control list (ACL) must be parsed and processed.A large number of unique permissions in a list will adversely affect performance and is not recommended. As the number of unique permissions in a list grows, query performance will degrade. Even though the default limit is 50,000 unique permissions, we might want to consider lowering this limit to 5,000 unique permissions.
Wiki pages cannot be converted or migrated to pages on a Team Site Enterprise Wiki pages cannot be converted or migrated to pages on a Team Site without using custom code. Because Enterprise Wikis are used with the publishing feature in SharePoint Server 2010, there are significant differences between an Enterprise Wiki site and a Team Site.
Insert Image If you wanted to add an image to a wiki page you would need to:

  • Upload the image somewhere in SharePoint (or have a url to somewhere it’s published elsewhere)
  • Then edit the wiki page
  • Click the insert image button and paste the URL in

This is not the right option for End Users to be honest.

Office buttons For someone who has never used a wiki, the WYSIWYG interface does all that you need to do. All the normal “Office” buttons are there.But the major one lacking is the style dropdown.  This definitely is one that should be there populated with styles such as Heading 1, Heading 2, etc?
Lack of Wiki syntax For those of us that have used a wiki before the whole purpose was to do down and dirty work on the keyboard.Many shortcuts usually exist to make this a lot easier.  This webpart only comes with one [[pagename | page text]] to create a new wiki page.  It doesn’t even support anchor tags.
Source is surrounded by a <div> tag. I found it interesting that every paragraph doesn’t use the <p> tag in the source, but is surrounded by a <div> tag.
Can’t create other folders inside The SharePoint wiki is treated like a document library for the most part. I did find out that you can’t create other folders inside of it though.  This would have been ideal for storing images with relative paths.

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