SharePoint Anonymous Access blocking UserProfileService.asmx service in InfoPath 2010


I have a SharePoint 2010 InfoPath form which is customized using “Customize Form” option from the SharePoint ribbon menu. In my InfoPath form I am using a secondary data connection to populate the current logged in user display name in a text box using UserProfileService.asmx service. Everything was working fine until I enable anonymous access to that web application. When I enabled the anonymous access to my web application, it started giving the following error whenever the InfoPath form loads.

An error occurred while trying to connect to a Web service.

An entry has been added to the Windows event log of the server.

Log ID:5566

Correlation ID:c7e450c8-43d0-4b8c-ac3e-868c90449766

Note: I have to give anonymous access read permission to one of my list in the same web application, so I have to enable the anonymous access in the web application level so that I can enable anonymous access in the list level.

If I disable the anonymous access in the web application level, then the InfoPath form is running fine.

Because of this, InfoPath forms developed with UserProfileService.asmx service under this web application are not working.


Thank you Morshed Alam Bhuiyan

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