Flexi Task Action Customized using InfoPath causes trouble working in different environments

Customizing the flexi task action in Nintex using InfoPath gives radio buttons for Approve & Reject (here re-send).

When trying to capture the outcome of the decision   in a textbox “Test Decision”, Approve gives a value of 6 & Re-Send gives a value of 8.

However, this value appears to be changing with change in environment, say it is 1 & 8 in one development environment, 10 & 12 in another development environment and 6 & 8 in staging environment.

The reason to have difference in the outcome values is because these values are coming from the dbo.ConfiguredOutcomes table that comes under the Nintex database.

The Id column in this table is an identity column, meaning the Id increments with each new value that you configure.

Out of the box, you’d see Approve and Reject using Id values 1 and 2. Depending on what other values you specify in the Flexi task action, you could have any number of records in this table.

Hence, there is all the reason for the Id values to be different in different environments. In fact, it would be a huge coincidence if they have identical Ids in different environments.

So this is not instability, this is how the product functions.

In a nutshell this means, if flexi task action is being customized using InfoPath, one needs to open the action in InfoPath in the new environment, re-configure the outcomes in accordance with the current environment’s ConfiguredOutcomes table and re-publish the workflows.

Note: This was identified and tested by my  friend (Manisha Kumari)

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