Nintex – Delegation Approver Name Problem

What is Task delegation?

The most valued feature of Nintex Workflow is the “Task delegation”. With task delegation, a user can delegate his task to someone else. If the task owner feels that this task is not relevant to me, he/she can delegate the task. When a user is in out of office mode, he/she can setup the task delegation feature as well.

Problem / Bug

Nintex Version: Nintex Workflow 2010 (

We have a nintex workflow with delegation functionality. Initially the task is assigned to user “Radhika Radhakrishnan –CNTR”. Once the task is assigned, this user will get the task notification e-mail. In this e-mail we have configured the nintex provided variable “{Common:ApproverName}” to show the display name of the task owner/approver.

We have configured the nintex provided common variable “{Common:DelegateUrl}” in our task notification e-mail. So that the task owner/approver will click on this link and go the delegation page without opening the task edit form when he/she feels this task is not relevant to me.

Now the user “Radhika Radhakrishnan –CNTR” delegating the task to “Joseph Velliah –CNTR”. At this point of time the same task notification will be sent to the new task owner with the delegator’s comments.

The problem what we faced is; when the task is delegated to “Joseph Velliah –CNTR”, the nintex provided “{Common:ApproverName}” is not changing the display name of the newly assigned task owner. It’s still showing the old approver name in our task notification e-mails.

Please find the screen shot below for the same:



We raised this issue to nintex we got the below response:

“We can confirm that we have replicated this behaviour and it has been raised as a bug. Currently due to the nature of the bug there isn’t a work around to resolve this behaviour in the short term unfortunately”.

“Currently we cannot give a direct time frame to when this issue will be resolved as the bug resolution process can be lengthy and vary dependent on the solution required, code development and testing”.

So Let us hope this bug will be fixed in their next build / version.