How to open custom page / SPList item edit page when user clicks on Tasks item link?


When the user clicks on any of the workflow tasks list item created by Nintex Content Type, it takes to the Nintex approval page for approving/rejecting.  I would like to open the actual SP list item for which the workflow task is created instead of the default Nintex WF task list item or to open a custom page with query string values


Item name URL: Specifies where the user is direct to when they click on the list item name in the web part. 

  • Task display form: Directs to the view page of the task item. Please note: The default view form for ‘Request approval’, ‘Request review’ and “Assign a Flexi task’ has the same behaviour as the edit form.
  • Task edit form: Directs to the edit page of the task.
  • Item display URL: Directs to the item that the task is associated to.
  • Custom: Specify a custom page to direct to. The following place holders can be added to the query string:

{TaskListID}: The GUID of the task list.

{TaskID}: The ID of the task item in the task list.

{ListID}: The GUID of the list that the workflow associated to the task is running in.

{ItemID}: The ID of the item that the workflow associated to the task is running on.


  • Edit the Nintex My task webpart
  • Go to Item URL Settings and change the Item name URL to Custom and pass the URL you wish to navigate with the Query string