Display semicolon separated values in ASP.NET Label as new lines


As a part of your daily coding life at times you may have to split the input value with a value and show in newline as a read only value using a Label control.

If you come across this requirement, you can use the below code snippet. In this example I am splitting the input string with semicolon.

If your input value has any html inputs then you have to use Server.HtmlEncode when you bind the data as a new line.

Front End Code

<asp:Label ID=”lbl_PreviousApprover” runat=”server”>

<asp:Repeater ID=”rep_PreviousApprover” runat=”server”>


<%# Server.HtmlEncode( (string) (Container.DataItem) ) %><br />




Backend Code

List<string> list_PreviousApprover = new List<string>(((string.IsNullOrEmpty(str_Input) ? string.empty : str_Input).Split(new string[] { “;” }, StringSplitOptions.None)));

if (list_PreviousApprover.Count > 0)


for (int list_PreviousApprover_index = 0; list_PreviousApprover_index < list_PreviousApprover.Count; list_PreviousApprover_index++)


bool nullOrEmpty = string.IsNullOrEmpty(list_PreviousApprover[list_PreviousApprover_index].Trim());

if (nullOrEmpty)






rep_PreviousApprover.DataSource = list_PreviousApprover;





lbl_PreviousApprover.Text = “-“;