SAP Integration with .NET Based Application

Last weekend I had a conversation with my uncle (Chief Development Architect at SAP Labs – India) regarding the SAP integration with .NET based application. It was a useful conversation and I got some very good information which I would like to share with you.

Question 1: 

I have a SAP integration requirement. Could you please suggest if below are good for connecting SAP from .NET without using .NET connector

1)      Expose RFC as web services

  • Is it a good approach?
  • Any Disadvantages/issues?

2)      Using Enterprise services explorer?

  • The latest version I see is ES explorer 1.1 which supports VS 2008.Do we have any latest version and if yes what version of VS does it support?
  • Is this a good approach?


Today, the preferred integration approach is to use OData that is agnostic of the consumer (i.e.) consumer can be ABAP, Java, .Net etc…

For this, you would need a SAP NW Gateway Server.

More details on Gateway can be found here:

Question 2: 

We already have SAP Business Suite (SAP ECC 6.0). I read that if we are a customer of SAP, the NetWeaver gateway is a free download. Do we still need to have a new server for this?


There are 2 possible deployment options (hub – you need a new server / embedded – you can install on the same ECC)