Enable Modern Site Pages in SPOL

What is modern site Page?

Modern team site pages are fast, easy to author, and support rich multimedia content. Additionally, pages look great on any device, in a browser, or from within the SharePoint mobile app.

If you want to learn more about the functionalities offered by the “modern” experiences, see here.


We should activate the Site Pages feature on the SharePoint site before creating the modern pages.

  • Click the settings(gear) icon and select Site settings
  • Click on Manage site features under Site Actions
  • Search for “Site Pages”
  • Click on Activate

How to create a modern page?

  • Click the settings(gear) icon and Site contents
  • Open the “Site Pages” Library
  • Click the Files options from top ribbon bar and select Site Page
  • Configure the required webparts
  • Save and Publish
  • Done

Supported Customizations

  • Custom branding
  • Adding “modern” pages programmatically
  • Adding, deleting, and updating client-side web parts on “modern” pages
  • Alternative layouts

Unsupported Customizations

  • Adding “classic” web parts on “modern” pages
  • Custom CSS via AlternateCSSUrl web property
  • Custom JavaScript embedded via user custom actions
  • Custom master pages
  • Minimal Download Strategy (MDS)