Responsive Kanban Board – SharePoint Hosted App

Do you have a requirement to create a SharePoint Hosted Kanban Board App in O365? If so, I have created a very basic prototype which you can use and get started.

Steps to get this work in your O365 Tenant

  • Download the List Template(Product Backlog.stp) and import the same in your site
  • Create a new Custom List from the List you have imported and name it as “Product Backlog”
  • Go to “Product Backlog” List and update the “Assigned To” column with the users.

Note: This is a mandatory field for this prototype. Enter only one SharePoint user per record.

  • Download the app file(Kanban and upload the same in app catalog
  • Install the “Kanban Board” app in the site where you created the “Product Backlog” List.
  • If everything works fine, you should get the following board when you launch the “Kanban Board” app



Disclaimer and confession
This is not a drop in solution and you have to adapt it to suit your needs: your mileage may vary. I wasn’t born a JS developer and actually learned most of what I know on this subject the past few years. I am not following best practices (SPOL/AngularJS), but this post should get you started.